71 Killer Blog Tools That Make Your Art Blog Dominate

What type of blogger are you? The answer to that question will help you select the blog tools to best suit your needs.

Not all bloggers are created equal and neither are the blog tools they use. Your success depends on your personal drive, ability to overcome obstacles. In the end, you want your blog to dominate. In order to do that you need killer blog tools that dominate your niche.

One of the obstacles that you will or, have already encountered is productivity. You just don’t have time to do everything you want to accomplish in a day. I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “If I could just find the right tools, I could get more done on my blog.”

Affiliate Disclaimer – Isn’t it wonderful? I use affiliate links so you can get high quality content at no cost to you. I am able to provide this content because if you click on any of the links on this blog, I may receive affiliate compensation at no cost to you. Your support is truly appreciated as is your readership.

So let’s get right to the blog tools the will serve you best by discovering what kind of blogger you are.

Bloggers generally fall into these broad categories. I’ve grouped them as Beginners, Budding Experts and Long-term Professionals. Review the following blogger types and decide which group best fits your blogging prowess.

71 Killer Blog Tools
That Make Your Blog Dominate
  1. Blog Tools For The Beginner
  2. Blog Tools For Budding Experts
  3. Blog Tools For Bloggers That Dominate

Blog Tools For The Beginner

Get your blog started.As a beginner, you’ll want to quickly get your blog setup and learn how to make money blogging as soon as possible.

The problem for the beginner bloggers is that you don’t know what to do and when you do know, it takes too much time and trial and error, to get it right.

As a new blogger you need a few key tools to make blogging simple and easy to understand and to execute.

If this is you, click here for Blog Tools For Beginning Blogger.

Blog Tools For Budding Experts

As a budding expert, you’ve jumped in and made a real go of it. Your blog is set-up and running. You’ve figured out the basic technical aspects of writing, using keyword, and publishing.

You’ve learned some SEO and promotional skills and successfully generated traffic to your site from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Improved blog tools and skills.

Blogging has become sort of a part-time business that you are trying to grow to a full-time endeavor.

Some blog tools that would increase your audience, productivity and profits would really help ease your time burden so you could take your blog to the next level.

If this is you, click here for Blog Tools For Budding Experts.

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Blog Tools For Bloggers That Dominate

Your profession is blogging. That’s your job! You spend 40-60 hours a week just like any other true business owner. You make a monthly income, reinvest profits in blog tools and other resources that organize, automate, promote, enhance and refine your blog products and content.

Top tools for top bloggers.You can afford to spend targeted funds on your blog because you will see a return on that investment and know you can write those costs off as business expenses on your taxes.

You’re looking for exceptional ideas, partnerships and blog tools that are innovative and help keep you ahead of the competition.

If this is you, click here for Bloggers That Dominate.

About Blog Tools

The blog tools I list below represent my personal research, ranking and recommendations. Some I have used, some I am using and some I intend to use when their use will best benefit my goals and business focus. Among these resource links are my affiliate links, for which my company earns a small commission should you choose to buy (at no additional cost to you.)

Blog tools coming up soon.

Just as I pick and choose which blog tools that best serve my business needs, you should also select the tools that best serve your needs.

Never consider using all of these resources at once – that would be too many tools for any one blog, especially when some of these tools perform overlapping tasks. (just saying)

As we encounter better blogging tools, products and services, I’ll update my recommendations. Select tools from the list according to your needs, skills and blogging experience.

List of My Recommended Blog Tools

A gold  stars indicates an important Blog Tool Category.

A green check ✅mark indicates a Blog Tool.

All the listings below are reputable to the best of my knowledge whether they carry my recommendation or not.

Blog Tools For The Beginner
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 Domain Name (must have)

Your Domain name is a needed blog tool.

Your domain name is one of the most important blog tools. Without it, no one will find your blog. Without it, your blog is not open for business!

A domain name is an Internet address used to find a website or webpage. A domain name such as EaselArtPro.com is purchased and registered so that others can find the website by entering the domain name into a web browser.

As I stated above, among these many resources are some affiliate links, for which my company earns a small commission should you choose to buy (at no additional cost to you.)

Bluehost.com is my favorite domain name provider. The cool part about Bluehost is that when you host your blog/website with them, they include the 1st year domain name registration for free.

NameCheap.com is another favorite domain registrar among many. They are inexpensive and you can always transfer your domain name to another hosting service when you need to.

✅ Domain.com is great for blogs, small businesses and have been around for almost 20 years. Domain.com provides high quality domain registration and reliable hosting services at very affordable prices. 

Web Hosting (must have)

The rule of thumb online is to secure hosting from a large, experienced, long-time hosting provider. The reason for this is to ensure reliability, customer service, long-term stability and extra features like blog tools.

Small hosting companies may work great for some but may not be able to scale up with you as you grow. And, if they suddenly go out of business, you have little recourse.

Make money blogging with bluehost.
Bluehost’s special pricing blog hosting at $5.95/mo.

✅ Bluehost is the web-hosting provider I recommend. They’re plans start as low as $3.95/month which is one of the lowest rates available.

They offer a free domain, free SSL, and free 1-click WordPress install. They give you a 30-day money-back guarantee with 24/7 customer support.  Visit Bluehost

Hostinger Web HostingHostinger is my 2nd choice of web hosting providers due mainly to the price. Right now they are running a huge 90% discount on paid plans with prices starting at 80¢/month. That means you can get four years of quality web hosting for only $38.40.  Visit Hostinger

SiteGround is another great hosting partner for beginners. They have low priced plans and support is excellent. Their start-up plan begins at $3.95/mo. (Regular $11.95/mo.) Plans include site building and other blog tools.  Visit SiteGround

WP Engine (special deal) I was able to secure a special deal with WP Engine. When you sign up using this link, you get :

WP Engine works well with WordPress.

•  3 months free hosting
•  10% off first payment
•  Genesis Framework included free
•  35+ StudioPress Themes (all free)

WP Engine hosting is one of the best out there. With over 120,000 customers in 140 countries, WP Engine delivers more than 800 hours of high-quality professional WordPress support everyday. That’s around-the-clock, 24/7 support, whenever YOU need the help. Visit Wp Engine

⭐ WordPress (must have)

Wordpress art blogs make money
WordPress is the best blogging tool platform anywhere!

WordPress is in a category of all of it’s own. There is nothing that comes close so I cannot in good conscience recommend anything else. Your web hosting providers (most of them) include WordPress as an option for free because it is that good. If they did not offer it, I would choose a better hosting service – one with WordPress and the blog tools that come with it. Plus, is so simple to use.

Yes. There are other “free” blogging providers but if you are serious about blogging and want to make money blogging, you will want to accept nothing less than WordPress. Besides, it’s free and there is nothing better. You just have to have a provider like Bluehost or Hostinger where your WordPress site can reside. Get WordPress through Bluehost here.

WordPress Blog Tools: Themes

Use WP Themes.

A WordPress theme is simple a styling template that provide your website or blog a particular functionality, a stylized look and layout that best fits the needs of your niche and desired flair. Each theme has various tools to assist your blogging efforts. You choose the theme that works best for you.

There are many hundreds of free themes that are available directly through your WordPress dashboard. It just takes a few clicks to find the design and style you like. And later, you can easily change it whenever you want.

Free WordPress themes beat paying a web designer everyday of the week. But there are theme upgrades called premium themes.

Once you’re set up, your new blog will come with a built-in WordPress theme already installed. It’s really just a placeholder that really works and functions perfectly. If you like it, you can keep it.

But if you’d like to try out different styles, layouts and functionality, test-drive a few of the free themes. However, in order to get more bang for more buck, you can invest in a premium theme. With a premium theme, your blog will instantly have a more professional look and feel to it. That’s on the front end.

On the backend, you will have more tools and functionality. This will make your blogging job that much easier.

The cool things about premium themes is that you don’t have to put in place lots of add-ons (called plugins) because premium themes usually come add-ons built into the theme.

You can still add plugins to any theme as long as they are compatible with your particular theme.

⭐ WordPress Themes (must have)

You dob’t have to use one of these themes. You just need a WP theme of some kind for your blog.

Skin WordPress Theme

If you want fast loading AND free WordPress theme, take a look at Skin.

This no cost theme comes with dozens of features and is fully responsive. That means it looks good by responding to the device on which your blog is displayed – smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Skin is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to add eCommerce to your blog.
Visit Skin WordPress Theme
Price: Free

GeneratePress Theme

Focused on performance, GeneratePress is fixated on speed, usability and security.

It’s light-weight and beautiful and it’s also free. An upgrade version is available if you choose at a later time. The free version is fully customizable, and has high ratings other users.

The premium version provides a modular framework allowing you to turn on or off various features for better customization.

I recommend trying the free version and if you like its look and feel, upgrade to the paid version as you gain experience.
Visit GeneratePress Theme
Price: Free
Premium version: $49.95

Astra Theme

Here’s a great theme that is fast, light and nimble. It comes with a page builder and can compete with GeneratePress. Easy to use and a breeze to master,

Astra is free. A premium version is also offered that provides you with additional blog tools and features. These extended features reduce the need to load down your blog with plugin tools that can slowdown your blog’s load speed. With over 500,000 users, I can easily recommend Astra in either the free or premium version.

Visit Astra
Price: Free (scroll down the Astra page to find the free version)

Astra Pro Version: $59.95

OceanWP Theme

With almost 2 million downloads, OceanWP is a serious WordPress theme. The format is extremely user friendly and comes with 7 free extensions that improve core versatility depending on your needs. There are 11 premium extension that start to add up quickly

The free version comes with 8 free extensions but OceanWP also comes with 13 premium extensions that lets you extend the theme further. The downside is each premium extension is more than $30 a pop.

That can add up quickly If you need several. However, the stand-alone premium theme is quite reasonable at $39.

Visit OceanWP 
Price: Free
Premium version: $39.95

Schema Theme

While this theme is responsive to all sizes of device screens, it also comes with blog tools for the more experienced professional. For example:

• Google fonts support
• Related posts support
• Ad management panel
• Compatible with Elementor Builder
• Translation ready to create multi language blogs
• Rich snippet support for enhanced Google rankings

Scheme does have a free version called Schema-lite.

Visit Schema Website 
Price: $19.95
Free Version: https://wordpress.org/themes/schema-lite/

StudioPress Theme

With more than 200k users, StudioPress is fast loading, mobile responsive and a quick nimble code to make certain your site is lightning fast.

You can get StudioPress for free. When you sign up for a WP Engine web-hosting plan, <-special deal – you get the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes for free. That’s more than a $2,000 value.

Visit StudioPress
Theme Price: $99.95
(Free w/ Wp Engine Hosing)

As we wrap up this section on WordPress theme, I would like to point out that premium themes are routinely revised and adjusted to maintain compatibility with continuing WordPress upgrades and improvements. The companies that offer premium themes also provide support desks to assist with initial setup, operational questions or problems a user might be having.

While many themes have great popularity and widespread use, one of the leaders in the industry is StudioPress. One of the reasons for this supremacy is the Genesis platform upon which StudioPress is built.

It is for this reason that so many top tier blogging professionals use StudioPress.

Let’s move on to another much needed blog tool – plugins.

WordPress Blog Tools: Plugins (must have)

Choose your blog tools carefully.If you’re familiar with Plugins, you know that they can add features and increase functionality to your blog. Contact forms, social media enhancements, email collection forms are all easily incorporated into a blog through plugins.

But too many plugins will slow down the loading time of your blog causing viewers to prematurely leave you site.

So, which plugin are essential and provide the largest benefit to both you and your audience? Here are a few think work well and should be add to the beginner blogger’s toolbox.

Essential WordPress Plugins (must have)

✅ Yoast SEO (Free)

Blog SEO is important.
Over 5 Million active users!

Yoast SEO is only plugin I use to ensure my posts are properly optimized and ready for ranking by search engines.

There’s no certainty that Yoast will rank you at the top of every keyword search, but it certainly increases your chances while it teaches you that basics.

I highly recommend Yoast SEO for search engine Optimization (SEO). It is the most highly respected SEO plugins available.

Plugin Price: Free
Install Via WP Dashboard

✅ AddToAny Share Buttons (Free)

For social media engagement add AddToAny to you blog.

Social sharing plugins make it easy and convenient for your readers to share your content with their friends, family and social networks.

There is no greater endorsement than that of a person who knows you personally. Social sharing button are worth the effort to set them up because when they are in place, your viewers do all the work of referring by sharing.

The only plugin I use for this is AddToAny, which has 500,000 users. No other plugin comes close and it the only one that I will recommend.

Plugin Price: Free
Install Via WP Dashboard

WP Super Cache (Free)

Use blog tools like Wp Super Cache.

I simply must recommend installing WP Super Cache to greatly enhance your blog’s performance.

The function of this plugin is to maximize the loading speed of your blog. The faster your site loads, the more likely Google is to increase your blog’s ranking in searches. Give your blog a tune-up so more viewers will turn up.

Plugin Price: Free
Install Via WP Dashboard

UpdraftPlus WP Backup (Free)

Updraft blog tools

Just because over 2 million blog and website owners use Updraft to backup their sites, does not mean it’s right for you.

However, it is an exceptional indication that you should at least consider it.

No matter how you choose to backup your blog, it is an important aspect to salvaging your site’s content should something happen like hacking or website failure. This free plugin automatically backs up you blog and in my estimation is a must-have plugin.

The other plugins you might consider are personal preference and depend on the features you are looking for. There are thousands so we’ll stop with just these 4 plugins as very essential blog tools.

Plugin Price: Free
Install Via WP Dashboard

Blog Images and Photos (must have)


Photos, videos, and other graphic type media are important blog tools that keep your viewers interested in your blog content. There are pay-to-use photo and video sites, but I love to use Pixabay.com as my go-to FREE source of quality photos.

Plugin Price: Free
Visit Pixabay

Additional Photos Sources:

Life of Pix
Free Images

Email List (should have)

One blog tool you should always be building is an email list.If you are serious about building a business, one blog tool you should not be without is an email list.

I put this down as a “(must have)” but as a beginner, you should work on getting your blog all set up and producing content. As you gain traffic, then worry about getting your email auto-responder set up to capture emails.

You Own Your Email List

The attractive benefits of an email list to a business owner/blogger are many. Normally, after building a social media audience, you are not in complete control of your destiny.

Any of the social media platforms like Facebook or Pinterest could add new pricing obstacles to maintain full access to your viewers, restrict which members of your audience gets to see your content, insert ads into your users experience or even close your social media account in severe cases (If that happens you lose your entire audience). That is not the case with email lists.

When you have taken the time and effort to grow an email list of consumers who are interested in your content, you own that list. No other blog tool compares. It stays with you as long as you want and cannot be taken away. Social media companies can go out of business, be sold off, shift focus (think myspace) or even fade in popularity. Conversely, your email list is yours forever.

Your List is Already Targeted

You save so much time and mental energy. Your target market is everybody in your email list and they volunteered to receive your targeted content by subscribing to your list.

Your Credibility is Pre-established

Your email list audience trusts you!The people on your email list already know, like and trust you. You don’t have to convince them of your credibility.

They already know who you are and if they change their mind they can opt out.

This gives you authority in your market.

Reduced Competition

With an email list, your competitors are shut out from your market. You have direct access to your audience any time you want. Just compose an email, hit send and your target audience gets your offer with no competing offers in sight.

In fact, your competitors don’t even know what you’re up to, so they have no ways of responding to your email marketing. No promotional blog tool can compare to an a good email list.

Reliable Tracking

Tracking is reliable – Most email newsletter tools like MailChimp tell you how many opens and clicks have occurred.

Name Recognition

In most cases, even if your email content is ultimately deleted, your recipient will at least peek at your email title and perhaps even scan the content headings. (use compelling headings in your emails). This “quick peek” will still allow your audience to keep your brands in mind even if they don’t read the entire email.

Cost Effective

Use Instagram to make money.
Email lists are cost effective.

Ads campaigns cost money and until your dial it in, the effectiveness is always in question. But the effectiveness of email marketing is well established and the price is negligible. The only outlay is your annual subscription to your email marketing service provider.

Building an email list is critical and should definitely be one of your major efforts AFTER you have do the basics of getting your blog set up.

To be able to make all these wonderful benefits yours, you will need to employ an email marketing service provider. There are many but 3 major reputable services are listed here.

AWeber (My recommendation)

But if you really want to get cracking, then I suggest you use the industry standard AWeber. It’s easy to use, you can create multiple lists, and there are many WordPress plugins that integrate directly with Aweber because they’ve been around for so long. You can try Aweber’s risk-free for 30 day trial for free here.


Everyone loves the ease of use of GetResponse. They provide training guides, videos and other blog tools to get you started. Their email templates are also easy to use reasonably arranged. They also provide reports statistic that you can easily understand. Each plan comes with a free 30-day trial to test drive it with no initial investment. Your can try GetResponse’s 30-day free trial here.

Blog Tools For Budding Experts
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Social Media Blog Tools

As a budding expert, I don’t need to tell you how much time is saved by automation when it comes to social media engagement. That’s why services that allow you to schedule posts to various social media platforms on the dates and time you choose, can be so liberating.

Posts to Twitter, Facebook and others happen automatically like magic. The only thing you have to do is schedule the post and monitor which one are the most effective.

✅ Buffer is my longtime favorite. It is easy to use and works very well. Their Pro plan starts as a free trail and allows 8 social accounts and 100 scheduled posts. At the end of your trial you may continue the Pro plan at $15/mo. or downgrade to their basic Free Plan, which allows 3 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts.

Hootsuite has been around for years and I had an account with them back in the day. They also have a free plan, which should work well early on in your social media marketing.

However, when you start to see success with their free version, you’ll most likely need to move to a paid version to really double down on a social media strategy that’s working for you.

The upgrade from a free account is $29/mo. which allows 10 social profiles and unlimited scheduling.

Upgrade Your Email Marketing Provider

By this time you’ve most likely outgrown the basic version of AWeber or GetResponseYour goals and ambitions have matured and an upgraded email marking service with all the bells and whistles is now needed.

You may be looking for drag-and-drop campaign editor, custom sign-up forms builder, automated follow-up and marketing funnels, statistical analyses and reports are now critical to your growing business.

Almost any of these email providers will deliver similar blog tools and services. Choose the one that best serves your current and future needs should you choose to upgrade at a later date. You really don’t want the hassle of continually switching email providers and migrating your lists and email templates.


 Offer An Audio or Video Training Course

Use technology as a blog tool.Now that you are experienced, you should seriously consider developing and marketing your own paid digital product. That could be an e-book, a video training course or an audio course.

This is how you capitalize on your expertise in your space and give your audience new options to consume your content and add another revenue stream to your business model.

E-books are everywhere these days and as an budding expert you’ll be very familiar with them. But pod-casts, audio courses and video training, on the other hand, have really increased in popularity and show good signs of doing so for the expected future. Therefore we’ll focus on those tow blog tools.

Audio Courses

Audio is alos a tool for use in your blog.Audio courses are quickly gaining in popularity. I wrote a book, a few years back and people have asked me to produce an audio version so they could listen to it.

So far, I’m looking at ACX and Author’s Republic. While not really a course, audio books are a viable option as a paid product.

✅ Author’s Republic


✅ Podbean is an all-in-one podcasting solution to serve your audience. Using their exciting platform, Podbean offers spectacular templates, easy uploading, publishing tool, custom domains, social an promotional tools, embedded podcast players, and tools to help you monetize your podcasts.

Using Podbean allows you to craft expert quality, high fidelity podcasts in no time at all even if you have no programming skills. It’s all mobile-ready and you are in charge. Get started for free at Podbean.


InstantTeleseminar Is another interesting online tool to use for creating paid audio courses Getting started takes only a few minutes and all you need is a laptop/desktop computer and your telephone.

InstantTeleseminar provides opportunities to engage in joint ventures, produce compelling training, and create and sell audio products without the need to learn new technologies.

They provide all the tools to facilitate a teleseminar that you produce. They record the live version and when it’s over, you have an audio product with valuable information that you can market as a paid audio product. InstantTeleseminar also provides editing tools, webcast templates, online replays, and one click recordings. It’s all rather impressive.

Video Courses

Teachable provides you with the unprecedented ability to teach hundreds of people via a virtual school style classroom. Your content is the focus of the lessons. Your students come from anywhere in the world.

The set up is easy and effortless and their platform provides you all the professional tools you’ll need such as sales and marketing tools, payment gateways, website customization all supporting a top-of-the-line fully functioning virtual classroom.

It takes just a few clicks, to get you started with Teachable.

Udemy’s guidance for course creators is simple: Plan your course; Record you video; Build your community.

As a high-quality learning/teaching platform, they provide a generous allotment of tools to help you build interactivity, design quizzes, exercises, and assignments.

For the instructor, Udemy offers free training to teach you how to build your own course. This training includes real-world example and worksheets, plus the ability to issue welcome messages, notices and answer your student’s questions.

You bring the topic know-how and passion and Udemy will provide the tools to build your own course, and lets you teach the way that you see fit. Check out Udemy here.

Add a Shopping Cart

A good shopping cart is worth the cost.

When offering your own products for sale, you will need some kind of system to collect payment from your clients. You have several options depending on your circumstances.

EJunkie provides a shopping cart service that is a bit unique. You add your product to EJunkie and add their buy button code to your blog, website or social media page. They act as the shop, collect payment and send the product to your buyer.

They can accommodate digital as well as physical products. Great for arts, crafts, t-shirts or e-books – EJunkie can handle them all including donations. You just designate a service like PayPal or Stripe so EJunkie can direct the money to you. For only $5/mo, it’s hard to beat.

Shopify is a proven leader in online e-commerce. They are in over 170 countries they can help you manage your store across multiple sales channels, such as the web, mobile, marketplaces, social media, and even, brick-and-mortar locations.

Their storefront themes are impressive and so is the comprehensive set of backend tools.

They handle shipping, payments, fulfillment and integrations with other platforms. They offer free and premium additions that plug into your store similar to WordPress plugins to increase desired features and function.

Over 800,000 businesses around the world use Shopify.

Blog Tools For Bloggers That Dominate
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Upgrade Ecommerce Tools

BigCommerce – Like Shopify, BigCommerce is also a leader in the online ecommerce space. BigCommerce is full of features, simple to use, and their staff will help you get up and running in no time.

Newbies may choose to start with Shopify, but more established blogger and business owners who are looking to grow often choose BigCommerce due to enhanced versatility and flexibility.

You can build beautiful websites without any expertise or experience. It’s easy to run, add products and managing orders. BigCommerce has an industry-leading 99.9% uptime and is truly best-in-its-class for performance. And, BigCommerce has an industry-leading 99.9% uptime.

Add Quality Landing Pages To Your Blog

Leadpages is really my favorite landing page creator. But more than that, it’s simple and easy to use, the created landing pages are gorgeous and it will integrate perfectly with Aweber email marketing (another of my favorites).

You can build sites, optimize, A/B test your pages and comes with a drag and drop editor. I love this blog tool for so many reasons. Update your blog tools to create better converting blog pages, landing pages, opt-in pop-ups, email collection and more with Leadpages.

OptimizePress also allows you to easily create great landing pages for marketing your own products like audio or video courses. They can also be used to collect email addresses or register for marketing webinars.

But OptimizePress is also a WordPress page builder. That means that your means your WordPress page edits can now be seen live on the page as you make changes. Not only that but your pages will now be better performing, have less “code bloat” and are fully optimized to convert your audience.

For easy to build, high converting blog pages and landing pages, I can also recommend OptimizePress.

Improve Your WordPress Theme

As a long term professional, you know that your need to keep reinventing yourself, improving your product and grow your audience. You need to keep up with new blog tools, advanced technology and innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

Over time, you are certain to discover that your blog could use an update, a facelift or just a newness or freshness that is currently not the case. Maybe it’s time to consider a new premium theme.

Instead of hiring someone to design you a fresh new theme from scratch, update your blog with one of the many high-performance premium WordPress themes. You won’t have to chunk down thousands of dollars or wait for several months for your theme. You can get your exciting new premium theme with all its new features and fresh look right now – no waiting.

Elegant Themes – Divi is a cutting edge new type of theme that is billed as the most popular WordPress theme in the world. But it’s not just a theme. It’s a whole new level of WordPress page builder.

Divi’s advanced technology has delivered a visual website building platform that supplants the normal WordPress post/page editor with a massively superior visual editor. It gives you the power design stunning blog pages and posts with remarkable simplicity and effectiveness. You can try Divi for free here.

✅ StudioPressStudioPress Theme is the answer to this dilemma. StudioPress has more than 400 themes, all powered by the #1 WordPress theme framework – Genesis. Their high quality premium themes helps you build amazing blogs and website. They are engineered to be fast, easy to use and sport a fresh, beautiful, modern look.

You can buy one of these fantastic themes for about 100 bucks or, better yet, you can grab lifetime access to their more that 400 premium themes for a one-time price of $499.95 when you get the Pro Plus All-Theme Package from StudioPress.

99Designs – If you really want something unique for your blog or website –something you can’t get off the shelf – 99Designs can create your vision for you. This is one of the special blog tools that you’ll want to keep in your hip pocket, ready to employ anytime you want to hire a personal designer for your blog, website, logo or even a book cover. I really like the great designers at 99Designs.

Upgrade Your Yoast SEO

Upgrade Yoast.Yoast SEO – You should already have been using the free version of Yoast SEO and have now garnered a large enough audience to warrant an upgrade of the fabulous blog tool in order to increase you rankings even further.

Invest in Site Security Protection

As a Long-term blogging Professional, you know the importance of not only backing up your site, but of securing it against hackers, malware and other threats. With your ever-growing audience, your blog becomes a bigger and bigger target for these kinds of attacks.

Your readers are depending on you to ensure your blog’s uptime and their safety when they are on (or off) your site. One reliable provider of website security is Astra Security. The key here is prevention. It costs a whole lot less in lost time and money BEFORE you’re hacked, than trying to put the pieces back together after the fact.

In fact, you may not even know you’ve been hacked. Checkout Kyle Sexton, who found out from a client that his site had been hacked and how he quickly solved it. Someone was stealing his search engine traffic!

Bite the bullet and get some site security. Hackers can even hijack your google results. There’s a reason bloggers that dominate agree to the expense – because it works. And you can Get Astra Here for as low as $9/mo.

Additional providers:

Heimdal Security

Computer Based Blog Tools

These are my go to tools that I use in my online blogs.

✅ Camtasia
✅ ScreenFlow (mac)
✅ Photoshop
✅ PowerPoint
✅ Keynote (mac)
✅ Word
✅ Excel

Blog Tools: Websites – Freelance Talent

As a business owner some things YOU do and other things you pay someone else to do. If you are tech savvy use the tools above. However if you’d like to hire it out, try these sites to locate the talent you need to make your videos or other digital products:

Additional Blog Tools

Additional money making blogging tools.FreeUp

Blog Memberships Site Tools

Long-term professional bloggers should by this time have a large list of subscribers. Your subscribers are prime candidates to join your private/VIP membership site. This exclusive members-only area could house your niche’s higher priced training courses, tutorials, how-to videos or other exclusive content.

Wishlist Member for a WordPress site works very well. This was my personal choice for managing my membership site and is still my go-to member management system. It plugs in directly into WordPress without issues. They have great and very helpful customer service. It allows you to have various levels of paid tier with in the members portion of your website which they can pay to upgrade.

Wishlist Member will also allow you to drip feed your content over time, so your teaching course can walk your clients step-by-step through the training. It’s extremely flexible and I do not hesitate to recommend Wishlist Member.

Use Marketing Webinars

I have hosted many webinars and used various methods to achieve my results. It is a great way to gain brand recognition, highlight your own digital product and build an email list in the niche or your choice.

This strategy is usually reserved for the long-term professional due to the elevated costs of the webinar delivery services, the advertising expenses and the cost of the webinar production itself.






Special In-Depth Analytical Blog Tools

SemRush is an all-in-one suite of blog tools to manage all aspects of your marketing tasks. They provide organic traffic insights, rank tracking, keyword research backlink building and tracking, site audits and an on page SEO checker.

They boast 4 million users, almost half a million domains and almost 8 trillion backlinks. They’ve been around for over ten years and have 40 specialized tools and reports to help you manage your content, SEO and advertising. For long-term professional bloggers, SemRush is the ultimate blog tool.

This Blog Tool Guide

Killer Blog ToolsThe purpose of this Killer Blog Tools Guide is to provide you with the cutting edge tools to take your blog to the next stage of profitability and dominate – no matter your current level.

Bookmark this guide so that as you grow, you can refer back to this guide time and time again. I’ll be updating these resources over time, adding new tools and making additional recommendations as we encounter them.

Use these tools to your best advantage. If a tool no longer suits your needs, discard it and upgrade to a better tool. If you change your focus, find the tools that will make that change of direction easier, happen ore quickly and make things better for you and your audience.

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Thank you.
Chuck Gray
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Chuck Gray
Chuck Gray

Full-time blogger, Internet marketer and all-around good guy. Join me here on EaselArtPro to learn how to start an art blog, make money online and enjoy the process. My wife is the artist – I’m just the messenger. Reach out if you have a comment, or thought of business idea.



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