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How To Get Free Art Classes For Adults

Free art classes for adults may be hard to believe these days but it’s true! These free online art classes are taught by professional working artists and are now made available to you FREE of CHARGE  for a limited time.

Thats over 70 different lessons all for free! Kids, adults, friends and relatives are all welcome to participate. Learning a new skill is fun and this works great as gift for kids, grandkids, young and old!

Have you ever wanted to watch over the shoulder of a professional artist to see brushstroke-by-brushstroke how to create professional looking art pieces?

Well, Now You Can!

Free Art Tutorials
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Get your instant access to more than 70 FREE Online Art Classes for Adults. We’ll send the links to each lesson directly to your mailbox. These professional grade classes are taught by Industry Professionals using Step-by-Step Instruction. Check Out These Examples of Free Art Classes:

Painting Hair Art Classes For Adults

Professional artists are often questioned as to how they paint black hair so that it looks defined and realistic. If you don’t know the simple yet effective tricks to painting black fur, it can be a challenging art class even for adults.

How to paint black fur and hair art classes for adults
Painting black hair can be difficult – unless you know the secret!

In this painting black fur tutorial, you learn the secret to painting beautiful and real-looking animal fur and hair. It’s really quite easy to paint when you know how.

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Painting Insects & Dew Drops Tutorials

art classes for adults to paint rain drops and ladybugs
This tutorial explains the techniques for exceptional rain drops and lady bugs.
Most Insects are not often the prime subject of a painting. However, the techniques used to paint the glossy wing-shells of the Lady Bug and the skills needed to paint realistic vivid rain drops can really contribute to a captivating masterpiece.

This tutorial explains the techniques for exceptional rain drops and lady bugs using oil paints.

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Painting A Slice Of Orange in Oil Paints Tutorial

Free art classes for adults teach you how to paint an orange slice in oil
See how a professional artfully paints the translucence of an orange slice in these art classes for adults.

1) How to ensure your whites can be seen

2) How to paint a transparent effect

3) How to paint the cells of the orange

4) How to paint the peel

5) How to paint the reflection of the orange

6) How to paint drops of orange juice on the table

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How to Paint Canvass Shoes in Oil

Free online lesson teaches how to paint tennis shoes in oil
Watch the Free Artist’s Video for this online art tutorial.

These professional grade art classes for adults are free – From New York City to L.A. California and all over the world. You might even wonder, why can’t I find free art classes near me. Well, now you can. All of these free lessons are free to artists everywhere on earth.

This Free online class demonstrates the techniques you need to know to ensure your reds are bright without turning pink and your shadows are shaded without becoming muddled or muted.

You’ll also discover a secret way have complete control over the tonal values of your light and off-white colors. You’ll learn how to create folds not only in the shoe canvass but also the twists of the cloth shoe laces.

Enhance your skills in handling contours, shoe eyelet creation and even the stitching in the canvass of the shoe. These are all covered in depth in order to help you paint your perfect canvass high top shoes in your oil painting.

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How to Draw Animals in Pencil Art

Art classes for adults to Drawing Dogs with Pencil with no fees.
Try a Free Art Class in Pencil.

Making the eyes look real and alive can be difficult. The eyes show emotion and can really be the focal point of the drawing if done right.

Also, there are distinct types and conditions of hair. Whiskers have a different look than dog hair around the nose.

A lion’s mane may be matted in some areas but long and flowing in others.

Enroll in this draw a lion art class for adults at no charge
How to Draw Lion Mane Art Class.

You’ll not only learn about drawing eyes, but the animal face and ears and nose all are important to master.

Watch over the shoulder to see exactly which techniques are used to bring realism and life to your drawings.

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Knife Painting Art Classes for Adults and Kids

Free online knife painting class
Knife painting tip and tricks in these unique free art instruction classes.

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If you’ve always thought about painting with a paint knife but never really got up the nerve to try it, this is the class for you. It starts out with a photograph of small house situated in an olive grove.

Learn how to begin this type of painting and how to use the knife to texture, mix and apply the colors and hues. knife painting can really be fun and this free class helps you get started.

Art Classes for Adults to Learn Pop Art

Art classes for adults teaches you how to paint pop art.
Give any face that comic book look. This class has no cost. Just sign up!

Pop art is really a unique still that comes from the look of comic book characters.

This adult art class teaches how to use standard photograph as  a reference to create a stunning pop art piece using acrylic paints.

In this  pop art portrait class your learn what to add, change and leave to achieve this highly desirable in your own artwork. Try this free class! It’s really a lot of fun to see how interesting objects can be used to create the unique effects of this type of artwork.

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Learn Watercolor Art Masking and Painting

Art Classes for Adults teaches watercolor painting techniques used by the professionals.
The artistry of quality watercolor painting is exemplified in beautiful paintings like Two Pheasants.

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Painting in watercolor can be such a joy to learn and experience.

Discover expert techniques for painting in watercolor. Learn the masking techniques required for watercolor and watercolor pencil artworks in order protect the canvass from nearby colors while you paint. Understand the watercolor mixing and application process for your painting and the proper order in which you should paint the various object in your picture.

Adult Art Classes to Paint Raindrops on Glass

During this art classes for adults we use the rainy weather to understand how to paint a raindrops as seen through window glass.

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Discover this art classes for adults showing how to paint raindrops on window glass in this lesson
Learn expert techniques like painting raindrops on glass in this free online art class.

What You’ll Learn How To:

• Make your painting look like you are looking through glass
• Paint out of focus backgrounds
• Make drops of rain look real
• Paint running streaks of water
• Make windows appear misty

You can learn all these skills and techniques with no cost or obligation. We have all these great tutorials and many more – all taught and narrated by professional artist. You get to look over their shoulder as the show you how. It’s easy to sign up. Just fill out the short form below.