How To Use Watercolor Pencils | A Video Series (Part 2)

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More Ways to Use Watercolor Pencils

Artist come in all shapes, sizes, styles and genres. Some paint on BIG canvases and others use sketch books. Each has value and is of great artistic worth. This short video is just another tutorial of how to use watercolor pencils. Small, compact and personal, this style of portfolio is a neat little idea that might just be to your liking.

This style of using watercolor pencils is not the normal method but it certainly gives you options to display diversity in your art work. That’s why we, at Easel Art Pro, included this very unique technique in this series of watercolor video tutorials.

There are 3 distinct ideas for your watercolor pencils paintings. The artist demonstrates these different techniques so you can paint clouds, sand, water and other landscape components using watercolor pencils!

Supplies Mentioned in This Video

Hahnemuhle Watercolor Book

watercolor pencils tutorial on watercolor bookThis watercolor book is hardbound as a beautiful take-anywhere sketch pad. Each book sports 60 pages (30 sheets) of high-quality fine grain acid free paper. Not only is it well suited for watercolor pencil works of art, but also serves well for pastels, charcoals, pencil sketches and more. Measuring 8.3×5.8 inches

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• Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencil Set

Professional Quality watercolor pencils mix better, last longer and stay brighter over time.

This Faber-Castell 120 count pencil set is of professional quality and used by many artists for high quality watercolor pencil projects.
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• Washi Tape

watercolor pencils tutorial on Washi tapeThis multi-purpose art adhesive is great for art projects of all kinds. It works especially well for masking off borders on watercolor pencil projects or other works of art.

This set features 30 rolls of 15mm wide Washi Tape in a variety of colors and is great for scrapbooks, planners and arts and crafts.

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Basic Shapes Technique for Using Watercolor Pencils

This realistic looking carnation watercolor is expertly executed in a way that is quick, simple and elegant. You’ll enjoy this style while only using 4 simple colors. And, with a little splattering and flicking, the artist adds just a touch of stylistic customization.

Lindsay uses a “Basic Shapes” technique that really differs from some of the painting styles we have reviewed so far. With bundles of pep and energy, she really keep the tutorials moving along. Her side notes and insights really add to the presentation while she fully instructs you in the actual ‘How to’ of her methods and techniques.

Supplies Mentioned in This Video

Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper

watercolor pencils tutorial on watercolor paperThis is very high quality 140 lb. Hot Press block of watercolor paper that comes in a 20 Sheet pack and is suitable for professional grade water colors and watercolor pencils.

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• AquaBlend Spectrum Noir Watercolor Pencils 

watercolor pencils tutorial on blending watercolor pencils

These watercolor pencil product is manufactured in China. It is touted to be produced using the highest grade materials and maintains a fairly high ranking (4 out of 5) in Amazon reviews.

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Artist’s Photo Reference: Flowers by  Gary Greene

watercolor pencils tutorial on book of flowersThis reference book has over 500 fantastic images and photos of various flowers. There are close-ups and primary photos of the particular flower as well as its petals, leaves and other needed details  to assist you in creating outstanding life-like realism in your works of art.

Hardbound Copies Found Here

Fashion Design in Watercolor Pencils

Or: “Why Using Quality Watercolor Pencils is Important.”

For those of you that are into fashion design, this video incorporates fashion sketching with watercolor pencils for a fuller and more robust look to your renderings. This video also demonstrates the reason quality water color pencils are desired over the cheap low quality student pencils. The colors of student quality pencils are less vibrant and do not produce a professional looking result. The pencil shades and hues will not lay down in a uniform manner and color blending will not perform well.

Student quality watercolor pencils are fine for kids and young students but the inconsistent manner in which they lay down may cause you to learn accommodating techniques that will not serve you well when you get professional grade watercolor pencils.

Supplies Mentioned in This Video

Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils (not recommended)

Three Color Advanced Techniques

You’ll really see the versatility of quality color pencils in this video. Using only three colors forces you to consider blending techniques used by professionals in their works of art.

This is a short instructive video that is sped up to quickly shows you a few professional techniques as you continue to grow your skills.

Supplies Mentioned in This Video

• Derwent Watercolor Pencils 

Quality watercolor pencils tutorialQuality water soluble color pencils with a hexagonal barrel. giving you extreme accuracy for detailed work. 

The soft pigment construction provides fast transfer of color to watercolor paper for professional quality blending and layering.

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Using Additional Watercolor Pencil Art Hacks

These quick but simple hacks include techniques for blending, layering, application pressure and paper polishing. Learn these simple tricks that address color graininess and pigment blending for photo-like realism in your art.

Also discussed in this video is how to get perfect symmetry between the eyes of your subject. These watercolor hacks are simple but can really make a huge difference. Enjoy these and other art hacks taught in the video.

Supplies Mentioned in This Video

  • Caran d’Ache Luminance Watercolor Pencils

Professional grade watercolor pencils lessonsHigh grade professional quality luminance watercolor pencils from Caran d’Ache. They provide your artwork with smoothness and the colors resist fading in light. They are Swiss made and can be blended or layered easily due to using purity-intensive pigments that resist UV light.
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  • Sipliv Dual Head Pencil Holder Pencil Extender

Tutorials on watercolor pencil extendersWhen your watercolor pencils  become too short to hold, simply add a pencil extender to effectively increase you pencil length.

The lightweight metal and plastic construction gives you long-lasting solution to short pencils that you would normally throw away. The dual heads on these extenders allow two “shorties” per extender for greater convenience.

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  • Fabriano Watercolor Paper

Tutorials on watercolor paper

  • Extra white watercolor pad of 20 sheets
  • 100% cotton construction
  •  pH neutral
  • Acid-free
  • Hot press (140lb)

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Advanced Painting Techniques

This is the last video of the How To Use Watercolor Pencils Video Series. This learning experience come by just diving in and getting


Supplies Mentioned in This Video

• Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencil Set

Quality Watercolor Pencils tutorials and lessonsArtist Quality watercolor pencils last longer, blend better and stay brighter over time.

 A Faber-Castell 60 count pencil set, like this one, will provide you with professional grade watercolor pencils like those used by many professionals.  Buy Them Here


Canson Heritage Watercolor Paper Pad

Tutorials on watercolor pencil paper by CansonThe artist in this video really likes this particular paper. We have posted it here for you with a link to Buy It Here.

This pad come with 12 high-quality sheets and is an exceptional paper for almost any of your watercolor pencil art projects.


We hope you have enjoyed this collection of videos on how to use watercolor pencils. You may also like our article titled, “How To Oil Paint | Basics for the Beginner.”

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