How to Start Your Own Blog And Make Money Blogging

5 Steps to Start Your Own Profitable Art Blog
5 Steps to Start Your Own Blog and Make Money Blogging.

Free Easy Guide for Beginners

Make Money Blogging

If you want to make money blogging, you’ve come to the right place. When you are able to make money blogging, you can change your life. But only if you are dedicated to the prospect.

Chuck Gray
Chuck Gray

Hi! I’m Chuck Gray and I’ve been marketing online since 1997 and during that time, I’ve created a lifestyle for me and my family that very few enjoy.

Hold tight, because right now, I’m going to show you the best way to start a money making blog that can bring you a monthly residual income!

I’ll take you step-by-step, through this simple 5 step process I use to make this happen. 

Whether you love art, sports, fishing or any other niche, this tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to make money blogging in the niche you love. But you must be committed to having your own money making blog and carefully following this 5 step guide to get you started.

Affiliate Disclaimer – Isn’t it wonderful? I use affiliate links so you can get high quality content at no cost to you. I am able to provide this content because if you click on any of the links on this blog, I may receive affiliate compensation at no cost to you. Your support is truly appreciated as is your readership.

Even if you’re a beginner and know nothing about how to make money blogging or how to start a blog, you’ll find everything you need to know as a beginner, right here.

Let's begin blogging
It’s time to get started!

To begin blogging for money, just follow these simple, straightforward blogging and money making techniques that I have carefully outlined for you. These methods and techniques apply equally to any topic, passion or subject around which, you choose to build your blog.

This is a comprehensive post and we’ll cover a lot of information. In order to maintain continuity of thought through out this tutorial,  I have chosen to focus on an example niche.

I have chosen to write this guide around building a profitable art blog, but you can apply these methods and techniques to any niche or personal interest. So when you see the word ART, just substitute art for the niche that interests you. Fair enough?

Ok. It’s about time we got started showing you how to start your own “ART” blog and how to profit from it over time. Make no mistake – this is not a get rich quick prospect. It will take time.

So, if you’re ready, Let’s Start to Make Money Blogging!

Start your Money Making Art Blog

5 Simple Steps to Starting an Art Blog And Make Money Blogging.

  1. Choose Your Art Niche
  2. Set Up Your Blog (get a web host)
  3. Write and Publish Your First Post
  4. Customize Your Blog Design
  5. Promote Your Blog and Earn Money

One of the smartest decisions you can make is to learn how to make money blogging. The steps are simple but to make money, you have to do it right.

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Step #1 Choose Your Art Niche

Choose your make money blogging nicheSelecting your niche is a critical step when starting your blog.
Selecting your niche is a critical step when starting your blog.

This will be the most important step you take and once you understand the concept behind choosing a niche and your art blog name you will realize the actual research you must do to get this right. Don’t worry. I’ll walk you through this step by step. It’s not hard. It’s just a set recipe like baking a cake. 

OK! Let’s dig into and get your brand new art blog up and going.

Choosing Your Make Money Blogging Niche

The very first thing you must do, before anything else, is to find your niche. Every successful blogger knows that the foundation of their success was the choosing of a profitable niche and uncovering who their perfect readers are.

If you’ve never done this kind of discovery before, it may seem a little daunting. but keep in mind is that this will take time. However, if done right, it will be well worth it.

The Basics of Choosing Your Ideal Niche

First, let’s define exactly what I mean when I say niche.

A niche no more than a specific topic around which your blog will be based. It is the center focus of your blog. You will write almost exclusively about this topic and all your posts (blog articles) will relate to your niche in one way or another.

For example if you chose the niche topic of “Fun Arts and Crafts” you might give advice on ‘Crafts for Kids’, ‘Group Crafts’, or ‘Whimsical Art Projects’. You might offer some fun new places to create art or talk about which crafts create the most buzz among your friends or on Pinterest.

This is called niche blogging and the purpose is to design your blog to very specific market so that you can make money blogging by providing products, services and other offers to you blog audience. (This only applies if you are actually committed to making money through an art blog of your own.)

Niche blogs are easy to monetize and usually contain affiliate links, advertisements, and other offers in order to be profitable. There are, however, some topics that may not be as profitable as others.

For example, Pink Polka-Dot Art may be your passion and you may want that to be the topic of your blog, but the public demand for ‘Pink Polka-Dot Art’ is far too low to be worth your time. So choose a niche that you will enjoy but that clearly has enough public demand to be profitable. Bottom line: Choose your niche wisely.

Selecting a Money Making Blogging Niche

Remember: This is your niche NOT the name of your blog. We’ll talk about naming your blog later.

Let’s start with a simple checklist:

Art blog checklist.

  • Make a list of your talents, interests, hobbies or areas of expertise. Which subjects intrigue you? What kinds of things do you think about often? Jot down a fairly comprehensive list of those interests. (i.e. card making, knitting, oil painting, yoga, cake decorating, etc.)
  • This list might also include any special accomplishments you’ve achieved such as playing the piano, glass blowing, child nutrition or organizing.
  • Next, add to the list any trials you might have endured or overcome such as difficulty in school, job loss or addiction recovery (Your blog does not HAVE to be about art).

As you go through this process, you’ll start to get an idea about the topics that intrigue you the most. Place a star or checkmark beside those niche ideas that seem to rise to the top of pack. Those for which you feel the most passion and come to mind over and over again may be the best nominees for your niche.

Your passion or interest in a particular niche is important because, most new bloggers give up after just few months due to loss of interest or due to the time commitment. So to make money blogging, you must be sure you think the topic is fun, exciting and of great interest to you.

This is not usually a problem for art people because – They love their art and they love telling people all about it. This is especially true if they are making money showing off their talents.

You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person in the world on a particular topic in order to blog about it. All you need is to like it, enjoy it and want to learn more about it. If you don’t really have an interest in your subject matter, it will show in your blog content and your readers will stop being interested too.

Your commitment (or lack there of) will show in your work.

Tighten Up Your Niche

The next step is to tighten up your niche a bit. If your niche is too broad, it is no longer a niche.

If the niche you choose is too broad, you won’t stand out from the masses and very few people will find your blog. As an example, do a Google search on “Art”. There are well over 23 billion search results for “Art”. Your blog will be completely lost trying to compete for the “Art” niche. You could narrow that down to “Doodle Art” or narrow it even further to “Doodle Art For Kids”.

Will My Art Blog Niche Be Profitable

Choose a niche that makes money.You can make money writing about almost any topic as long as there is general interest in the subject. The better question should be, “Can you become the person, or create the website or blog that people go to for   YOUR TOPIC     ?

If you answered yes, then your chances are very good for making money online with your blog (art or otherwise).

Here are some key points to keep in mind as you begin this journey.

  • Write for your readers. Draw them into the discussion in a way that makes them want to read. Create posts that they have an interest in and delivers content they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Promote products or services that help them solve a problem they are experiencing. Don’t try to sell them. Help them with a solution that they actually need. Write about those solutions and they will respond and be willing to buy from you because they know, like and trust you. When they know, like and trust you, they will follow you AND your advice.
  • Stand up. Stand out. Give value. Love your readers. In order to make money blogging you must serve your audience and build real relationships with them. They want to be part of a community and may as well be your community. They want to be part of something great and meaningful.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. Don’t expect to gain hundreds of thousands of followers the second month. It takes time and consistency to see real results and meaningful profits.
  • Appeal to an audience that has the financial resources to spare and is inclined to buy from you. Strapped college students may not have the money to spend on your products. Then again, Facebook started in a college dorm specifically for college kids. (Go figure!)
  • Be creative. Look for trends and get ahead of your competition. You will never stand out from the crowd if you copy everyone else. Be different.
  • You’ve heard the old axiom, ‘It is better to give than receive’? Well, that goes double for marketing on the Internet. When you give freely, people are more apt to feel obligated to click your links, like your posts and buy your products.

Simple Niche Profitability Test:

Search the web for niche ads.One clue to make money blogging and niche profitability is whether or not you can find ads on Google search results for your chosen niche. If no ads appear over your topic’s search results, that should tell you something.

Ad placement means there is sufficient profit in that niche for advertiser to buy ads and still make a profit. If those ads were not profitable, they would not run the ads.

However, the fact that you don’t see search result ads does not mean your niche is a loser and won’t make money. It simply means there are no Google ads for that search term currently running.

Do a little reconnaissance on your competitors. See who they are and observe what they’re doing and how they’re advertising. Where are they going for their traffic and to who are they appealing in their approach?

Do a Google search on your chosen niche and click on each one of the top 10 search result to see what your competitors you doing and how they’ve structure their blog or website. Take note of what products they’re selling, what is the price point they’re offering on those products and how they’re approaching your potential customers with their offers.

All of this is important information that you can use when designing your art blog to actually make money blogging online.

To make money blogging easier, there are many free tools that you can use to gather important insights into your competitor’s sites such as what keywords they are targeting, how many other websites have links pointing back to your competitor’s site (backlinks), and the monthly search volume for particular keyword or key phrase. The idea here is to gauge the right balance between high key word demand and low keyword competition.

A great tool for this can be found at Ubersuggest.

Try this:

  1. Click this link to go to Ubersuggest
  2. Type in your keyword or phrase (“art” for example)
  3. Hit the search button
  4. Scroll down to “View All Key Word Ideas” button
  5. Click the “View All Key Word Ideas” button

You’ll get something that looks like this:

Notice that the keyword “art” has a search volume of 301,000 searches per month. That’s pretty big. But standing out in such a large pool may prove to be difficult.

You will also notice the red rectangle containing the “SD Score” of 89. SD stands for SEO Difficulty or how hard it will be to rank high in Google search results for that keyword or phrase. The lower that number is, the easier it will be to rank higher in search results for that particular keyword or phrase.

You’ll also see a bit of color-coding to more easily spot favorable key words.

Make money blogging using this keyword SEO difficulty tool.

Just hover your curser over any of the keyword suggestions to see its ranking difficulty. This will work for your niche topic but it is designed more for your keywords. You should use this tool often once you begin writing your actual blog articles.

The more articles you write using targeted keywords, the more times your audience visits your blog. More traffic allows you to make money blogging more often.

As you scroll down the list you’ll find keywords that are much more reasonably positioned increasing your chances of being competitive for a particular keyword or phrase.

In the image above, notice the suggested keyword ‘art work’ has 12,100 searches each month but the paid difficulty (PD) is 100 and the search ranking difficulty (SD) is 51. Those are both high numbers and you will have difficulty with such a competitive keyword.

However, if your niche was ‘art jobs’, you would have the same search volume but the SD would be only 27 making it mush easier to rank and if you wanted to advertise, the PD rank of 17 means it would cost less for paid ads.

This suggestion tool (Ubersuggest) shows you several viable options to tweak your niche to better ensure profitability.

Art lists, art news and art history are all viable niches that are in the green area of the scale. Play around with this tool so that, as you move forward, you have a profitable niche nailed down because from here on out, you will have to spend at least a little money based on your chosen niche – like: What Will You Name Your Money Making Blog?

Step #2 Setting Up Your Money Making Blog

Setting up your art blog.

Before you choose a name for your blog, I suggest you choose a web-hosting provider.

A web-host provided is a service that makes your blog available on the Internet and provides you certain additional services to help your blog be more successful.

The most important thing to look for in a provider is cost, ease of use, reliability and good customer service. Finding these qualities in a provider allows you to focus on the blogging and not the provider.

Don’t worry about picking your blog’s domain name just yet. It will be easier to arrange for your domain name through your new web-hosting provider. It is much more of a hassle to transfer a domain name purchased from a third-party to your selected provider.

If you choose a hosting company like Bluehost, you can get all set up first and choose your domain name later in the bluehost process. They will hook it all up automatically in your setup process.


By the way, as we continue, I want to be very straightforward and open. In order to provide you high quality information like this, I use affiliate links to make money blogging. I do that via various products and services that I mention, recommend or endorse. Companies, such as Bluehost, Amazon and others provide me with compensation if you make a purchase through any of these affiliate links. This occurs at no additional cost to you, but does allow us to provide our Easel Art Pro services to you and so many others. (See our disclaimer for details.}

Selecting Your Art Blog Hosting Provider

Make money blogging with bluehost.
Bluehost’s special pricing blog hosting at $5.95/mo.

As I said, choose your hosting provider first and then you can pick your domain name/blog name through that provider. They will hook up your domain name to your blog so that people can find it when they look for your blog. Since they both go hand in hand, lets get started selecting your hosting provider and blog name.

There are lots of hosting providers and many of them have great services and perform well. The costs can vary quite a bit but they can range from $7 to $18 a month. But that’s the beauty of the Internet and starting a business online.

If you were to rent a space in your city or town it would cost you $400, $800 or even $1500 a month or more just for the storefront and floor space for your brick and mortar business. Online, your art business can have a storefront and digital floor space for around $10 a month. That is a huge bargain that almost anybody can afford. But I can show you how to cut that price almost in half.

One of the best web-hosting providers out there is Bluehost. There are many things you want to look for in a hosting provider and Bluehost has them all, including a very attractive low price.

Uptime and Load Time

As a new blogger you’ll want to ensure that viewers have uninterrupted access to your art blog. That means that for you to money making blogging your posts should appear when and where your users expect them to. Bluehost does that by ensuring your blog is up and ready anytime your viewers want to access your content. That’s good for you and your viewers.

You also want your blog to load quickly without any annoying lag time. Bluehost provides that service as well in fast load times.

Customer Service

New blog customer service is important.
Bluehost provides in-house customer service 24/7.

Bluehost’s customer service team is in-house and on-hand 24/7. That means if you need assistance, you won’t be talking to an outside service representative. Rather, you’ll be supported by an in-house Bluehost representative ready to assist you 24/7 whenever the need arises.

For more than 16 years, Bluehost has a proven track record in providing web-hosting services and is now one of the largest and most well known in the industry.

Bluehost also offers a refund within 30 days of initial sign-up. Your satisfaction has always been their top priority.

Register my Domain Name

So, let’s get started setting up your very own art blog.

–––> Click Here To Set Up Your New Blog on Bluehost then, click the Green “Get Started” button.

How To Start a Profitable Art Blog
Bluehost offers great blog hosting for only $5.95/mo.

Select A Plan.

Now choose your hosting plan. You’ll want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck and I recommend the Choice Plus Plan due to the Domain Privacy that comes with it. This protects your personal information (name, address, email, and phone) from being published anywhere online. That’s why I suggest you let Bluehost guard that information for you.

The plan selection page will look something like this: 

How to start an art blog and make money.
Simply click the green “Select” button and you’re ready to go.

Like I mentioned earlier, Bluehost’s Choice Plus plan is my recommendation because you get the Domain Privacy feature included in your plan. This plan is very affordable for a storefront and is half the price that other web-hosting providers are charging.

However, any of the Bluehost’s plans will do the job of hosting your new art blog. You will have to spend some money to make money blogging but I think this amount is extremely reasonable.

Set Up Your Domain Name

The next page you’ll come to while setting up your art blog, will ask you to choose your domain name.

How to start a profitable art blog in 5 easy steps
If you have not yet decided on your domain name, Bluehost will let you decide that later. 😎

When you arrive at this portion of the blog setup process, enter the domain name that you want your art blog to be known by (our domain name is easelartpro).


  • Domain name is the .com, .net, .org address of your blog.
  • Blog name is the Mary’s Art History or Pottery Is Fun name of your blog.

As you decide your domain name, make sure your niche topic is included within the domain name you select. If your niche is ‘Art History’ try to include those words into your domain name.

For example:


If you can’t find a domain name that isn’t already taken, just click the “I’ll Create My Domain Name Later” option (It is circled in orange in the image above). Go ahead and get the rest of your art blog set up and come back to this when you’ve had more time to think about it. Bluehost will let you decide that later.

Register my Domain Name

The next section is creating your Bluehost account.

Fill Out Your Art Blog Account Profile

Next, type in your Art Blog account details. This is all pretty standard stuff. This information creates your login credentials, so be accurate.

How to begin your own profitable art blog
*These are all standard for account information profiles. This should be easy to complete.

 Choose a Hosting Plan For Your Art Blog

Below the account information section, you’ll find the account plan section. Choose your desired hosting plan to lock in your price and savings.

How to start an art blog account plan
Choose Your Art Blogging Plan.

Bluehost does not offer monthly payment options. This makes your blogging efforts more money in the long run because other service providers that do allow monthly premiums, end up costing you more per year. You can easily see which plan will suit your needs and your pocketbook. All of them are a bargain for a new business storefront.

I do think that if you want the best bargain, choose the “Prime 36 Month Price” for best long term pricing for your art blog. This special low pricing is available only to new customers.

That introductory pricing goes away after the first year is you select the 1-year plan and you have to pay the higher rate. But the 36-month plan, secures that special pricing for a whole three years. Super smart!

Select Extras

Next choose any additional services you would like.
Note: I would not add any extras. What you have so far will work just fine.

Select Extras

Fill Out The Billing Information

The last step is to fill out your billing information.

How to start an art blog for profit.
Place a ✅ the checkbox and click the green “Submit” button!

You’re all set.

Your money making art blog is ready to go and it didn’t take long a all. If you were just reading this guide and not actually signing up, you can easily walk through the process using this as your step-by-step guide.

––> Click Here to Go To Bluehost and set up your Art blog
✅Claim your domain name if you have not already done so.

You Will Need To Claim Your Art Blog Domain Name From Bluehost Before You Continue In This Tutorial

Register my Domain Name

Step #3 Write and Publish Your First Post

We’ll get to writing your first money making blog post a little later in this tutorial. First, you need to understand a little about the software platform that you will be using to manage your art blogs pages, posts, images and videos. It’s called WordPress.

 What is WordPress?

Wordpress art blogs make money
Make Money Blogging Using WordPress.

WordPress is the easiest to use and most popular website design software for you to create your own website or blog. More than 30% of all websites are built using WordPress.

Anyone can use WordPress software for free. It is basically a tool by which you can manage your images, webpages, posts and other content. It is easy to understand and use even without knowing anything about programming.

WordPress makes building an art blog or website easy for anyone – even you! So make sure you have WordPress installed by way of your Bluehost control panel before you start writing your first blog post. Don’t worry it’s all free.

I will tell you, now that you are all signed up with Bluehost, make sure you locate the WordPress activation link and with one-click you’ll have the framework to easily design and operate your blog.

I’ve included a step-by-step how-to video to walk you through the 1-Click WordPress installation process if you have not already done that. It is very simple to do.

How To Install WordPress On Your Art Blog

I hope you found the video useful. A blog that makes you money will need constant care and nurture.

You’ll need WordPress installed to proceed to step #4 – Customize Your Art Blog design.

Before we go any farther, you will need to make a list of keywords. These words and phrases are literally the key to making money by blogging You are going to use these keywords in your blog posts, image names, blog pages and post titles, headings and tags.

These properly placed keywords will help your blog and blog posts be accurately discovered by the search engines.

Choosing Your Art Blogs Keywords

Here’s a simple process you can use to come up with your own list of keywords for your art blog.

  • Make Money Blogging
    Steady consistent optimization adds up over time and builds search engine ranking.

    Take some time to brainstorm topics and keywords you can use to search for your niche on the Internet.

  • Now write them all down. List as many keyword and topic ideas as you can.
  • Make sure they all truly fit under your chosen niche topic.
  • Think about who your ideal audience is and how they might search for your niche online.
  • What questions do they have?
  • What needs are they searching to solve?

After you have fairly large list (much more than the 14 I have in my sample “Ceramics” list below), go to the free tool we previously discussed called Ubersuggest. This is the tool we used to decide your niche. Now let’s use this same tool to help you develop your keyword list.

A well thought-out keyword list will give you a much better chance of competing with the other websites and properly placing those keywords in your blog post content will let Google and other search engines know exactly what your site is about. That way they can show your blog post(s) to anyone searching for your keywords.

Let’s get started making you keyword list.

Suppose your chosen niche is ceramics. Your brainstorm list might look like this:

Start your blog keyword list.
Let’s make this keyword list better.

  1. Go to Ubersuggest.
  2. Type in your niche topic or phrase (“ceramics” for example)
  3. Hit the search button
  4. Scroll down to “View All Key Word Ideas” button
  5. Click the “View All Key Word Ideas” button
  6. Scroll down to review all the new keyword ideas
  7. Seriously consider words or phrases with high search volume but low SD score (SD=SEO Difficulty)
  8. Add these “IDEAL” keywords to your list.
    (keywords like ceramic class, ceramic projects, ceramic vs. porcelain, ceramic studio)
  9. Pick new keywords from your brainstorm list and repeat the process.

Not all keywords related to your niche will make money for your blog. Your keywords/phrases must:

  • Have people searching for that term (good search volume)
  • Have low competition (low SD score)
  • Be related to your niche and blog post content, (relevancy) and
  • The people searching for that term/phrase must have the desire to buy and
  • The power (money) to buy.

[ps2id id=’361-art-blog-keywords’ target=”/]

How to start an art blog ideal keyword list.
Continue adding keywords based on search volume and low SD scores.

Notice in the above example that “ceramics vs. porcelain” has a good volume of 4,400 searches each month for that exact term. Also note the score for search engine ranking difficulty (SD) is a very low score of 16.

That means that this search term is a good candidate for one of our keywords in the ceramics niche.

This keyword research information allows you to capitalize on the situation by writing a killer blog post using “ceramics vs. porcelain” in your new post title. You new post title might look like:

Ceramics vs. Porcelain – 17 Reasons Why Most Artists Don’t Know The Difference
Top 11 Ceramics vs. Porcelain Challenges and Why Porcelain is Better.

Then write 2000-3000 word blog post with images on this topic.

Use ideal art blog keywords like porcelain.
Your art blog should use keywords that closely relate to the topic of each post you write and your blog niche. i.e. “ceramics vs. porcelain“

In this example you would use “ceramics vs. porcelain” as your main keyword with a few other closely related keywords sprinkled in. When adding images, sub-heading, alt-text and captions use “ceramics vs. porcelain”  and variations of the keywords in the body of your blog post. try to use your keywords as you would naturally speak.

Don’t Stuff keywords EVERYWHERE. This can earn you a poor rankings in search engine results. Be judicious. Your keywords are there only to let Google and other search engines know what your post is about, not to beat them (or your readers) over the head with them.

How to start an art blog ideal keyword list.

You can also see in the image above, the keyword “ceramics studio” has a monthly search volume of 2900 and an SD score of only 20. This could be another “IDEAL” keywords around which you could write a second post that could rank well in search results.

Use these “IDEAL” keywords to decide your blog post topics. These “IDEAL” keywords are very easy to rank for in search results due to there relatively low SD score.

By using this method to engineer high search rankings, you will make money blogging sooner. As a new blogger, you’ll want to find as much low hanging fruit as possible while you build your blog status and reputation.

You still need to use common sense. Keyword phrases like “ceramic studios near me” may score well but might not be right for your blog post. However, you may want to teach ceramics on your blog. In that case the “IDEAL” keyword phrase “ceramic class” might be perfect if the search volume and the SD show it will be worth your time.

Keep this up until you have a good list of keywords from Ubersuggest. This online tool also allows you to copy and paste the keyword list into a Word document for later use or even download the entire list of suggested keywords in a spreadsheet.

Once downloaded as a spreadsheet file, you can edit it to your liking. Add new “IDEAL” keywords to your list or spreadsheet and you will have a great reserve of future competitive topics for many blog posts to come.

Now that you have your keywords list, you are ready to set up your art blog and start posting.

Bookmark This Guide

This post has many ideas and strategies that you will not be able to implement all at once. I suggest you Bookmark This Post Right Now so you can come back to this page to review these strategies any time you need. Bookmark it now While You’re Thinking About It, so you can find it the next time you sit down to work on your art blog.

This next video gives you a walk through tour of the backend to your new art blog. The front-end (storefront) is what the Internet world can see and the backend (WordPress admin area) is where you create the magic.

The WP admin area (backend) is where you write a new blog post, upload images, adjust the colors and functions of your new money making art blog. This video shows you how to login to your WP admin area.

WordPress Login and Admin Video

Your blog/website will have permanent pages (pages) and blog posts. They are very similar to each other. This next video explains about WordPress pages and how to create your first page.

Creating Your Art Blog’s First Page

Your blog post will be the content that people will keep coming back to over and over again as you gain a following of viewers. They will want to see your new material week after week or month after month depending on how often you post new content.

Before you post new blog content, you’ll need to spend a little time writing it. This video explains the basic components of a well-designed blog post.

Writing Your First Art Blog Post

Remember to sprinkle your keywords in your new post

How Often Should I Place Keywords in a Post?

A guide I like to use is to place your keywords not more often than once per 300-500 words. Any more, as I pointed out earlier, and you may get ranked lower for  keyword stuffing.

Don’t forget to strategically place your keywords in these locations as well:

  • Post Meta Description (Describes your post to search engine users)
  • Post URL Address (
  • Post sub-headings (h2, h3, etc.)
  • Post Title (only once)
  • Post Image Alt Text

Adding Photos and Images To Your Blog Posts

Use a lot of images in your art blog
Don’t use images sparingly in your blog posts.

When was the last time your saw a whole page full of text and decided to stop reading because there were no pictures, photos or images? It happens all the time online.

People want to see photos, videos, infographics and color on your blog. In order to make money blogging, your job is to give the consumer what they are looking for. If they don’t find it with you, they will look elsewhere. is my favorite website for free blog post photos. Other popular sites where you can find free photos for marketing your art blog can be found here.

Now that you have the written content and have added fantastic relevant images, let’s place that new content on your blog so that it looks nice and can be search engine friendly.

That simply means search engines like Google can understand what your art blog is about so it can show it to people looking for your exact type of content. Let’s dive in to how you do that.

Publishing your First Blog Post

Next we need to learn how to customize your blog so you have a consistent look and feel on all your posts and blog pages. We do that by customizing your art blog’s design.

Step #4 Customize Your Blog Design

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Click To Tweet

We have all seen great looking websites and blogs as well as horrible looking ones. We want yours to look awesome. When people visit your art blog, you want them to be impressed, feel at home and want to come back time and time again. If they know, like and trust you and your blog, they will be repeat customers for years to come.

In order for that that to happen, you will need to understand how WordPress works so you can use WordPress tools and functionality to enhance your visitors experience on you blog.

WordPress can provide you with whole-blog styling templates that give your blog a look and feel that matches your niche and your desired functionality. This is important because the styling theme you choice is an extension and a reflection of you. Take a few moments to view this video on WordPress themes.

How To Use Themes

Theme Simplicity is the Key

Next, you’ll be picking your blog theme. Remember to keep it simple. As a new blog owner, you’ll have lots of ideas and many question. The best advise I can give you is to keep it clean and simple. You don’t want to complicate things for yourself or for your blog visitors.

Make sure your artwork, blog posts, videos or other content can be easily found, enjoyed and shared with others. It does not need to be “corporate fancy”. It just needs to be enjoyable and helpful for the end user.

Theme Responsiveness
~Will It Look Good On Any Device~

Make your art blog responsive.
Make your blog responsive to all devices.

Is your new blog theme responsive? That just means will it adjust its look and feel according to the device your visitor is using?

“Mobile devices are projected to comprise 63% of global internet use by the end of 2019”

More often than not, your audience will be using a smartphone or a tablet to access your art blog. It is important that they have a great experience. If your WordPress theme is not responsive to your visitor’s various devices, they may leave your site and never return. You won’t make money blogging for long if that keeps happening.

Responsive blogs are also more favored by search engines and that will be reflected in search results. Sites like Google want their audience to have an enjoyable experience, so when they suggest sites to viewers that don’t look good on a mobile phone, then it reflects poorly on the search engine.

The same applies to the various Internet browsers. Do a little spot testing to make sure your blog looks good in any browser and on any device. Just write a short sample post with graphics prior to your spot check.

Theme Ratings

When searching for your art blog theme, go to your WordPress admin under the ‘Appearance’ heading and look for “Themes”. Click themes and then click “Add New”. This will take you to a listing of themes that you can browse to find your perfect theme.

Make more money blogging using the right theme.

When you find a theme that looks promising, click the preview button for more details.

On the left hand side of the page you will see a user rating system. Look for themes with high ratings like you see in the image above. Next to the Gold Stars will be a link (29 ratings).

You can click this link to read what previous users had to say about that theme. You’ll also want to look for theme that loads quickly. A slow loading blog post really turns off search engines and your audience.

Installing Your Blog Theme

Next you need to select and install a theme. Every WordPress website must have a theme. The next video will walk you through the selection and installation process for adding a cool theme to your money making art blog.

This next helpful video, takes you through the process of adding final touches to your art blog’s design. You’ll need a menu to direct your readers to the various areas of your blog. The usefulness of widgets is also explained.

Menus and Widgets

Now lets talk about plugins. Plugin can add functionality and features to your blog. You can add contact forms, image galleries, discussion forms or even shopping carts. Watch this video to learn how to locate, review and install plugins.

There are thousands of plugins but you should install only the ones you’ll be using. Inactive plugin can slow down the speed of your site, so just install the ones that are helpful to your audience and that will actually be live on your art blog.

10 Must Have Blog Plugins

Not every WordPress plugins is absolutely necessary but choosing the right ones will really round out your art blog and help you make money blogging. Below are ten plugins that I recommend.

  1. Yoast SEO (Free)

Blog SEO is important.

Yoast SEO is the SEO plugin I use to preview my blogs content in order to rank high in search engines. There’s no guarantee that this plugin will get you to the top but it is one of the most recommended SEO plugins out there.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. UpdraftPlus (Free)

An important aspect to successful blogging is backing up all your site’s content in case of hacking, an accident or website failure. This free auto backup solution is one of our must-have plugins because you just schedule an automatic backup of your blog’s files and database and if you ever have the need, with one click you have your blog restored just like that.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. W3 Total Cache (Free)

Slow website speeds will hurt your Google rankings. This plugin solves one of the important issues affecting website load times. The caching solution provided by this plugin really helps with reduced load times of your blog pages and posts.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Page Links To (Free)

The ‘Page Links To’ plugin allows you to create a “pretty” URL and use that instead of something messy and complicated.

For example, I have a web page that has long and messy link address of This is a real page on this blog that that offers free art lessons. It is highly optimized with some of my keywords to help me make money blogging. But it’s too long for my Instagram profile. I needed a much shorter link that was quick and easy for my Instagram followers to read.

So I simply created a new WordPress page and gave that page the short URL name of Then it was just a matter of telling the plugin to point this new (free_art_lessons) page to the original page.

Now, when Instagram users click the link in my Instagram profile, ‘Page Links To’ redirect them my original page, automatically.

You can tell the plugin to redirect any page or post any other valid URL.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Smush (Free)

This free plugin simply resizes, optimizes, and compresses all of your images automatically anytime you upload a new image to your Media Library. It does all this without sacrificing image quality, enhancing the load time of your blog so your site improves it ability to rank high in search results.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Better Click to Tweet (Free)

Better Click to Tweet provides ‘tweetable’ content for your site visitors giving them an opportunity to promote your art blog via tweets.

On the frontend of your blog, users notice your quote and they simply click it to tweet the quote to all their Titter followers. This exposes your content to their readers.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed (Free)

A live example of how Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed looks and acts on a blog is demonstrated for you below. This plugin feeds your Instagram photos right into your blog. your can adjust the columns and how many over all photos are shown in the feed. It’s a great way to get exposure for your Instagram account.


Click the Blue Follow On Instagram button above.

If you use Instagram and you’d like to have your stunning Instagram photos displayed on you blog, you can use this plugin (previously called Instagram Feed). You can store the photos on Instagram but show them on your blog. No need to re-upload all your photos from Instagram to your blog’s media library.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Head, Footer and Post Injections (Free)

The Head, Footer and Post Injections Plug-in lets you place anything you need in to the header and the footer of any blog page before and after the blog post content. There are times when you have to add a portion of software code to your blog. This plugin allow you to do it without worrying that you’re messing up the code on your site.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. Simple Author Box (Free)

With this cool plugin you can easily display your author profile (or that of guest author) at the end of your blog posts. You can show an author’s basic bio information to blog visitors and customize the author box to fit your blog’s look and feel. Over 30 social icons can also be added to connect with your authors on social media.

Plugin Price: Free

  1. AddToAny Share Buttons (Free)

For social media engagement add AddToAny to you blog.

Last but not least. This AddToAny Share Buttons plugin can increases your blog traffic and social engagement. This plugin by makes it easy for your audience to share your blog posts and pages to many social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, many, many more.

Plugin Price: Free

Last Word On Plugins

If you really want to make money blogging and push ahead of your competition and reach your money making goals, take some time to seriously look over these and other WordPress plugins to help you do that.

Anytime you come up with an idea for your blog that your theme does not seem to be able to handle, just use the search function of the “New Plugin” area of your WordPress admin. There are thousands of solution to almost any need you might dream up.

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Additional Blog Content Advice

Post and Page Headlines & Titles

Writing headlines that compel your blog audience to spend money with you..
Writing headlines that compel viewers to read is an art form.

In order to entice your visitors to read your blog posts, you need to write headlines that compel the reader to take action – In this case to read your blog post. If you have no idea how to write a compelling blog post use this simple formula to guide you.


How To Knit Like Grandma in 7 Days or Less
Even If You Can’t Tie Your Shoes

Note the following:
• Don’t use ALL CAPS
• Do Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Headline Word
• Use numbers. Odd numbers seem to work better
• Use the HOW TO… and …EVEN IF proposition
• Use the X MISTAKES … WHEN XYZing statement
• Use (parentheses) to add emphasis
• Don’t mislead your readers. Be honest, but be creative.

Here are a few other variations:

Sew Better Than Betsy Ross in Less than 24 hours
…Even If You’re all Thumbs

15 Popular Dances You Can Learn Today
Even If You Even If Have No Rhythm

21 Sure Signs You’re a Gifted Artist
(Even If You’ve Never Sold a Painting)

15 Famous Millionaire Artists
That No One Wants To Talk About

11 Mistakes Most Artist Make When Selling Art Online
~  (X MISTAKES … WHEN XYZing statement)


I think you get the idea. But if you’d like a tool to test your headline writing prowess, go to this Free Headline Analysis Tool and test your headlines. It’s not fool proof but it will help you hone your skills

Try to use your “IDEAL” keywords in your headline or blog post title. These are the 2 or 3 keyword phrases that your new blog post is about. These are the keywords you’ll use throughout the blog post, in sub-heading, tags, naming images and other places throughout your post.

Even the URL of the post should contain your “IDEAL” keywords. You can customize the URL in the admin area of your blog. Go to the post or page editor and look for the permalink. Next to the permalink you will find an edit button. Click the EDIT button to change the link verbiage to include your “IDEAL” keywords.

You should do this on every page or post, making sure that the “IDEAL” keywords actually match the page or post content.

Constructing SEO-friendly URLs

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Designing your post’s URL (link) in a way that  helps your post’s ranking in Google searches makes your URL “SEO Friendly”.

For example, let’s optimize the sample blog post topic and headline, “11 Mistakes Most Artist Make When Selling Art Online”. This blog post title is a good example of how you would phrase your post’s title to rank for the “IDEAL” keyword phrase “Selling Art Online“. Initially your new blog post URL (link address) might look something like this:

You would then need to optimize the above URL by changing it to read:

Ideally, the closer you place your keywords (Selling Art Online) to the forward slash (/) the better it will be for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Additional Blog Post Best Practices

  • Be Original
  • Include Light Humor
  • Use Exciting Language
  • Use Easy to Read Fonts
  • Create Persuasive Titles
  • Start with a Astonishing Fact
  • Begin With a Shocking Quote
  • Use Captivating Introductions
  • Solve Your Reader’s Problem
  • Keep Your Reader’s Attention
  • Proofread Everything Twice!
  • Use Outbound Links Correctly <––(Good Info)
  • Make Your Post Easy to Read
  • Make Money Blogging Regularly
  • Use Pleasing Layouts and Designs
  • Keep Blog Layout Clean and Simple
  • Introduce Yourself Early in Your Post
  • Use Multi-Media (graphs-videos-etc.)
  • Establish Your Expertise and Authority
  • Use Shorter, Less Complex Sentences
  • Correct SEO Issues Using Yoast Plugin
  • Publish List Posts (Top 17 Richest Artists)
  • Make Reading Your Post Worth Their While
  • Get To The Point & Move On To The Next Point
  • Use Lots of Interesting and High-Quality Images
  • Use Headings and Sub-Heading to Divide Content

Publish Your Blog Post.

Last but not least, Hit The PUBLISH Button. If you did make a mistake or spell something wrong, don’t wring your hands. It happens to all of us. Just go in and make your blog post edits and move on. WordPress make it very easy to make corrections.

Step #5 Make Money Promoting Your Blog

There are two facets of step #5 – Promotion and Monetization.
We’ll start with promotion.

Promote Your Art Blog!

Ok! You’ve published your very first art blog post. Now what do you do? Let’s make some money by driving traffic to your new art blog. You may have to add several more posts so you don’t have just one single article or post on your blog.

Driving traffic to your blog is a full-time proposition, but, doing it in the wrong way is a fool-time proposition.

There are many ways to promote. You have to find the ways that give you the most bang for the buck – even if your not paying for advertising.

Your Promotional Toolbox

Time is precious and you’ll want to use your time effectively. So, as you investigate these promotional ideas, see which one brings you the best response and then double down on perfecting that strategy.

Money making art blog promotional tool box.
Finding effective new ways to promote your blog adds to your art blog toolbox.

Once you have that promotional method working for you and you are making money blogging, look for a new technique that you can add to your promotional toolbox. Let’s start with the most obvious ways to begin sharing your content with the world.

Using Facebook to promote your art blog.Want to get traffic from Facebook without spending a dime? OptinMonster explains the strategies to do just that and have packaged that information in a handy guide. They’ll show you how to get FREE Traffic From Facebook in a simple step by step walk-through.
If you really want free traffic sent directly to your blog from Facebook without buying ads then check it out.


Make money blogging via Pinterest promotion.

Your art blog is an ecommerce business. With that in mind, you need to develop a business strategy for social media. Pinterest, for example, can be a fabulous source of quality traffic to you! Watch this video to discover how you can grow your business using Pinterest.

The video below will show you four ways to drive traffic using Pinterest.


A few take aways from the video:

  1. Pin multiple times each day.
  2. You don’t have to pin unique content.
  3. Relate your pins to products/services you’re selling.
  4. Participate and engage in the Pinterest community.

Check out Neil’s great article about how to promote your art blog using Pinterest.

How to get traffic from twitter to your blog for FREE.Here’s a Great question! “How do I Increase my Art Blog Traffic using Twitter. Let your Twitter account work to increase traffic to your blog by implementing these 23 different hacks you may have overlooked.

This article is written by a blogger who makes money by growing her twitter account to almost 5,000 followers, in just 2 short months.

Make Money blogging via Instagram traffic.

With over a over 1 billion active users on Instagram, surely you can get some of them to become consistent readers of your blog.

I thought it might be helpful to put together an article with some great  techniques you can use to drive Instagram traffic back to your art blog. The article is titled How To Make Money With Instagram and you owe it to yourself to check it out. In it I show you how to grow your Instagram followers and traffic. I also provide you with many example of artists starting out just like you, who now make their living online using Instagram.


Make money online blogging by way of linkedIn.
If you want to profit from your blog, B2B (business to business) may be the way to go. Companies have money to spend and are looking for new ways to satisfy their customers needs. Landing a contract (or even a large order) from a company can really make a difference in your bottom line.

Just because LinkedIn seems to be more business oriented, you are still talking to people – people that just happen to let you know about their profession. That just means they have a job and a paycheck. They have money to spend. If they are interested in your niche, then you have an opportunity to direct them to the solutions found on your blog.

If you’re looking to drive quality traffic to your art blog, using LinkedIn, this article might just be the ticket.

More Ideas:
More money making ideas for your blog.

Besides leveraging other social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog, you can also use additional tactics right at home on your own art blog. Here are the Top 35 Methods to Increase Your Art Blog Traffic this year.


Easel Art Pro
Additional money making blogging tools.
Easel Art Pro Blogger Updates

Want new and exciting ways profit from your art blog? Subscribe to our Pro Art Blogger updates and get notified of new blog posts, tips, tricks, hacks and other sound advice on how to make money as an Art Pro.

Don’t be afraid to search, question and learn. We’re finding new ways to increase profitability from your chosen art medium all the time. We’ll send those money-making ideas right to your email box with new and exciting ways to make money by blogging.

Art Blog Tools
Make money blogging using tips from Easel Art Pro Newsletter.I know there is a ton of information in this article. Don’t let all this great information overwhelm you. Just do the things you CAN do. Pick and choose the things that make sense for YOU and YOUR situation.

This is not a one-size fits all proposition. Do what feels right now and the rest will come later as you grow and learn.

This blog post is meant to provide you with a long-term approach and a place that you can return, time and time again, to put together a cohesive blueprint to building your online art business.

With that in mind, I have included some additional tools that might make sense to you depending on what you’re looking for now. Later, things may change. In fact, they will change – they always do. See if any of these helpful tools fit your needs.

➡️ Buffer: I have a buffer account and I love it. Once you set up your posting schedule, it really works well to schedule future social media shares for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out Buffer here.

➡️ Hootsuite: This company has been around for a very long time and I have used their service as well. Hootsuite is probably more than you need when just beginning your blog. But they may have a place in the future as your needs grow. Find Hootsuite here.

➡️ Social Media Groups/Forums: Social media groups are many times overlooked. But just like Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, they can prove to be a very valuable resource if correctly utilized. Becoming an active member of a targeted group or forum can raise awareness and set you apart from many of your competitors.

When joining a group, look for groups where you would find your ideal customer, reader or visitor. The group should be relevant to your brand of art and contain enough active participants to be worth your while.

➡️ Facebook Groups: If your blog is about beading, you would go to Facebook Groups and search for “beading groups”. A Facebook search might produce results like this:

You’ll see in the above image that one group has 9000 group members and another has 40,000 group members. Join the group that suits your needs and has your ideal clients as members and begin to engage and interact with them. You’re not going to SELL them. You are going to be helpful and build rapport.

As you become more well known to members of the group, they will begin to seek your advice, thoughts and help. That’s when you can introduce them to one of your blog posts that solves their problem. This is simply networking online rather than face-to-face at a trade meeting or show.

➡️ LinkedIn Groups:

You can do the same thing on LinkedIn. Go to LinkedIn. Click in the search box. Below the search box a menu pops up. Click the “Groups” button in the pop up menu.

Use LinkedIn to promote your blog.
Then enter your search term.
In this case I search for “crafts” groups.
You can see the results below.

Promoting your blog through LinkedIn groups.

This is a treasure trove of communities. The first three groups combined have over 40,000 members in the “crafts” community. Join several of the communities that have your ideal customers and start interacting with that community.

➡️ Reddit Sub-channels: Go to Reddit and type in your search term for the niche where your ideal audience might be.

Use reddit to find groups in your blogging niche.

I search for people interested in “jewelry making”.
I came up with the following results:
( see the Red Arrows <– below)

Find niche groups to target on reddit.

On the left of the search results are three groups interested in jewelry making – one with 11.8k members, another with 19.3k members and the last with 4.5k members.

On the right, are the join buttons for each of the communities or groups. Jump in and participate in the community to build your presence in the community of your choice.

Remember! In any of these communities, be a good neighbor. Be the best neighbor on the block just like you would expect in the town or block where you live.

Your intent should be to build credibility and provide real value well before you do any “selling”. The community needs to know, like and trust you and over time you will become the go-to person in your field.

Start by engaging and being helpful with people. Those kinds of efforts are greatly appreciated, not only by the person you help, but by others members of the community as they read your helpful insights.

Think of each comment you offer as an advertisement of your big heart and charming personality. Making money blogging will come as a natural result of you serving your audience first.

➡️ Guest Articles

A great way to build credibility as an expert or authority is to write guest articles or post for other sites. When looking for sites that will host your work, make sure they give you an author’s bio area where you can place a link to your blog. This link and your bio should be on the same page as you guest blog post.

So where do you find websites and blogs that are looking for guest writers? Brian Dean writes an excellent article showing you exactly how to find active requests for guest blog posts.

Guest Blogging Sites

Guest Blogging For Money

As you do more and more guest posting you’ll discover it is an effective method of promotion in and of itself.  It is widely used these days by professional  bloggers to help their SEO by pointing links back to their blog which increases search engine ranking, resulting in more traffic. Not to mention more publicity!

Sites That Accept Guest Posts:
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Art
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post
✴️How to Submit Guest Post

Two more sites that can be helpful to driving traffic and money to your blog are Quora and Medium.

Medium – This site is for readers and writers alike. Find your niche and send them your submission. They may even pay you a fee for your blog post.
✴️Check out their submission page here. 

Quora— The format of Quora is more of a question and answer style setup.
✴️You can search for your niche topic and simply answer any or several of the questions posed.

In all these promotional opportunities, look for your ideal client, reader or audience and solve their issue, problem or question. This may seem like a lot of work, but remember, you should be writing evergreen content that has value today and for many years into the future.

Today’s headlines may be old news in a month or two, but the solution to a problem that many people need to know, will produce clicks, traffic and readers to your art blog for a long time. Write several evergreen guest posts and you can increase your traffic substantially.

Monetizing Your Art Blog to Earn Money

Make money blogging everyday.

Promoting and monetizing are both important facets of blogging to make an income. 

As as said earlier, there are two facets of step #5 – Promotion and Monetization.
We started with promotion as the first facet. Next we’ll discuss the second facet, monetization.

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Promotion vs. Monetization

To me, promoting you and your blog comes down to finding your ideal audience and forming them into a community around your blog. That community needs to supports your viewers and fulfill their needs.

As you provide consistent high-quality value, they will become your warm market for offering them monetized services and products. But it starts by building relationships.

Promotion is where you will focus your attentions at first in order to build your credibility, likability and trust. This is a long-term prospect that takes time. You are building a business and a customer base. There is no quick way to earn money blogging. But the long-term financial benefits and the lifestyle freedoms are well worth the wait.

With this in mind, there is no reason you can’t monetize your site early so that when someone wants to buy, you are all set up and ready to provide the customer with what they want – your product or service.

Below, we will discuss various ways to make money with your art blog. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of way to monetize your art blog. Keep an open mind to additional ways to monetize your blog.

Ok. Here we go!

Making Money With Your Art Blog

Affiliate Marketing

Make money via affiliate marketing and blogging.Affiliate marketing simply means that you place a special clickable tracking link within your blog posts that, when clicked, takes your reader to an offer to buy a product or service. When a purchase is made through your affiliate link, you earn a fee or a percentage of the sale.

You can make money blogging by way of affiliate link purchases or by simply referring customers as leads or prospects, depending on the affiliate program you join and promote. You can also place those affiliate links in emails you send to your email subscribers.

Affiliate Partners

You know many of these affiliate partners already. There are too many affiliate programs to list them all here but a search on the Internet will give you more programs than you can possibly handle. Amazon, Walmart, JOANN and Etsy all have affiliate programs.

Choose the affiliate partner that best serves your circumstances. Some commissions are only 3-6%. Others pay 14-25%. But you can also find those that pay 30%, 50% or even 70%.

Be careful though. To make money blogging, you must make wise decisions in this regard. A 70% commission on a product that no one buys defeats the whole purpose. Some products may only offer a 10% commission but when one of your readers loads up their virtual shopping cart, an affiliate partner like Utrecht Art Supplies can really pay off.

If that happen month after month, it can also provide a steady flow of commissions. How big of a paycheck depends or your blog, the products you offer and how much traffic you get. That’s why traffic is so important.

Here are a few more art related affiliate partners.

➡️Dick Blick Art Materials
➡️Artist Network
➡️Arteza Art Supplies
➡️Creative Live
➡️All About Drawings
➡️Anne’s Craft Store

Check them out and see which ones works for you. There are plenty more that you can find by doing a search on Google.

There are also affiliate networks that don’t confine you to a single partner. Instead, they act as a hub for many affiliate partners. You can find some of those opportunities on sites like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Flex Offers, Rakuten, and others.

Some of these networks may require you to have you blog or website completely set up and running. You may be able to join up with them later after your blog is fully launched.

Physical Products (e-commerce)

Make money with an e-commerce store as part of your blog.

Another way to make money blogging is to add a product line to compliment your blog. If you have a knitting blog, you own hand-made knitted products can be marketed. (knitted scarves for example.)

By hooking up your art blog up to your own online store you can market those products and services to your audience.

There are many low cost e-commerce platforms that will create a framework for your online store. Some, like Woo-Commerce which comes as a WordPress plugin.

There are others like Big Commerce and Shopify that, for a fairly low monthly fee, will host your products or a third parties products as in the case of drop shipping. They handle the display of your products and the transactional part of the sale by transferring money from the buyer to you through the use of their shopping cart software.

Either way, if buying a product or service from you solves your reader’s problem, then you’re doing it right.

‘Hire Me’ Services

Make money freelancing.Your ‘Hire Me’ offers starts with a good About Page, a Contact Page and of course a Hire Me page. This will be the quickest and easiest way to start earning money from your art blog.

To get your first client, you’ll need to figure out what expertise, talent or skill you have that is related to the focus of your blog and serves a need or solves a problem your ideal audience is experiencing.

Then design and author a pitch page (sales page) that showcases your value and how you can solve their problem or need. This should also include a few examples of your previous work.

If you don’t have a portfolio of work, create one. Hire yourself to do the job you want to get hired to do and then work like you would for a very important client. Use this work product as the very best example of your work. Then showcase yourself and your work to demonstrate your capability.

Look at your own skill set and choose the one or two skills that you can market as a service that solves a particular problem or fills a ready need. Some examples of skills that would work well are as follows:

  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Craft or Art Instruction
  • Logo Design
  • Pet Photography
  • Marketing Layouts
  • Photoshop Skills
  • Producing Digital Artwork
  • Art Show Organizing
  • Fashion/Clothes Design

Try to think outside the box about how to use your talents to make money blogging. Almost any skill is marketable to someone. You just have to find the path to pair the two together.

Don’t be afraid to observe others in your field and see if what they are doing is successful. Don’t duplicate what they are doing. Make your offer bigger, better and produce a better product.

Where To Get Freelance Jobs

Check out this website.SolidGigs
Provides curated freelance jobs by email for a monthly fee.

Check out this website.Workana
Sign up, bid on projects, complete job and get paid.

Check out this website.Fiverr
Sign up, post your gig, get notified of order, fulfill and get paid.

Check out this website.Freelancer
Free sign up, and bid on up to 8 projects/mo.

Check out this website.Guru.
Clients come to hire design and art experts (and others).

Check out this website.Truelancer
Sign up, locate and apply for gigs.

Check out this website.ServiceScape
Focus on graphic design, writing, etc.

Check out this website.CloudPeeps
Higher experience levels required. Must be accepted to join.

Sponsored Content

Once you have a pretty good reader base, your art blog becomes a desirable target for outside brands or companies to pay you a fee in exchange for putting their offer or ad on your blog.

They may ask you to write it for them or simply post their material. You want the sponsored content to compliment your style and voice in a way that does not annoy your audience.

It will take time to reach an audience of sufficient size that would be enticing to prospective content sponsors.

Online Courses/Workshops

Sell online art classes as part of your blogging activities.

Another way to make money blogging is to package your expertise into an online course. This is a great way to add a revenue stream to your art blog and help it grow in profitability.

I have always touted the virtues of multiple streams of income while focusing on your niche or genre. This creates stability, as a business model, and provides you with the income you need while you experiment with other revenue ideas.

However, be prepared to commit substantial time to the development of your online course. It can be a book, video course, membership site or other learning environment. Make sure you ask your audience what they would be willing to buy from you before you decide what they want.

The most deflating thing you can do in your business is to create an in-depth, comprehensive course with all the bells and whistles, only to discover that no one wants to buy it.

But there are many people who would be willing to pay for access to your expertise if properly packaged and presented to the right audience. And if you design your course in easily updatable or replaceable modules, your course can provide long-term (evergreen) value to new customers for many years to come.

Email Marketing
Make money with blogging and email marketing.

As you build your viewership, you will want to provide your readers with a way to receive valuable content via email. In exchange for permission to email them, you can offer them free e-books, private supplier lists, Do-It-Yourself blueprints, technical spreadsheets, How-to Guides, special checklists, instructional videos or sign up for a VIP newsletter.

These should be free to your users for the price of subscribing to your email list. Once they subscribe, you can send them additional related and valuable content and marketing offers.

To help them stay faithful as subscribers, be careful how much you market to them and how often you pester them with email. Done right, they will be excited for your next email. Done wrong and they will not only unsubscribe, but you will leave a very bad taste in their mouth. 

This is how you can share more directly and personally your expertise, skills, and talents. To make money blogging, you must have multiple streams of blogging revenue and email marketing is a great addition to your strategy.

One well-known and very respected provider of email subscription services is Constant Contact. I can tell you from personal experience that Constant Contact delivers extremely affordable ways to use the simplicity of email connect with customers.

Their awe-inspiring templates, powerful list-building tools., expert advice and live support provides you the very best of tools to grow your art business and establish trusted rapport with your clients and subscribers.

As you build loyalty and rapport with your subscriber audience, you’ll be able to weave into the content you send them, valuable offers for products and services that they can purchase from or through you.

This again adds to your multiple streams of income and you have an opportunity to grow a base of repeat customers that will buy products from you for many years to come.

You can also alert your subscriber list via email to new blog posts and increase traffic to your blog

Using Ad Networks Ads

Network ads can increase your blogging revenue.

At first, I would not suggest this as a starting point to make an income blogging. You should grow your readership to the point of profitability first. Placing ads at the start of a new blog may turn readers off.

This is especially true if the ad network you choose, advertises something that is totally unrelated to the interests of your viewers. Your audience will not appreciate pop-ups that cover the very content they are trying read or network ads that make it hard to navigate your site.

I’m sure you’ve seen ads that seem to have no way to click out of them. Use your network ads in a way that brings profit AND professionalism.

Network ads can make money for your blog and are a great way to add another revenue streams. Just be careful that your ads don’t diminish the viewer experience.

Additionally, placing these type of ads later on in your blogging experience, gives you a baseline of blog data so you can compare the effects on your readers before the ads were placed and after ad placement. If ads lower your daily visitors only slightly but increase revenue substantially then you might have a winning combination.

But if network ads lower email sign-ups or decrease other revenues streams, the ads may not be worth it. But, at least you’ll have the data to make that decision. If you place network ads on your blog from day one, you may not be able to make that assessment and your reader growth may be slowed.

Publish Regularly

Schedule blog posts regularly.

You may not think publishing content regularly is blog promotion. But when people see you are dedicated to this venture and are putting out good content week after week, they will want to come back and see what you’re up to and the new things you’ve produced. 

You need to give your readers a reason to come back to your blog and to refer it to their friends. That’s how you  make money blogging consistently as a steady source of revenue.

Besides pleasing your viewers, consistency gives you a deadline each day, every other day or each week to keep a productive routine. Then at the end of a 3-6 months, you’ll have a well rounded established site with lots of content and many ways to monetize various pages of your blog.

Keep Your Expectation Real

  • Realize that you must publish regularly.
  • To make money blogging, it will take time.
  • You must interact with your audience.
  • Results require hard work.
  • Love what you do!

Don’t be too intimidated, to make money blogging. You can’t be scared or overwhelmed by all of this. Everyone has those thoughts and feeling when they first start. That’s perfectly normal. For everyday you keep at it, you’re a day closer to making your first $50 online.

I remember when I made my first $50 online. I then grew that to $500/mo and then to more than $5000/mo. It was not easy but I found that as long as I was consistent and used proven best practices, I kept growing and growing my income.

It takes a lot of hard work and persistence. But if you do it because you love it (like I do), that won’t matter! Because much of the reward of hard work, is the satisfaction of helping others and doing a job well done. The money is just a fantastic bonus that allows you to do something you love everyday.

Have faith in your knowledge, your skills, your talents and abilities. But most of all have faith in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers who’ve been at it longer. That’s not a fair evaluation.

Act now. Get started. Every one of those long-time bloggers had to start somewhere. Offer your audience solutions they can’t find anywhere else. Do what you know. Solve a problem. Solve it well. Be consistent.

Start to make money blogging.
This is your starting line.

On your mark! Get set! GO!

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I hope you’ve learned what you need to know to make money blogging. If you’d like more information, sign up for our Art Pro Blogger Update. The best time to start is now.

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You Can Start Your Own Profitable Art Blog in 5 Easy Steps.

Chuck Gray
Chuck Gray

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